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The Devil Tarot Card - Poki Challenge by CrowMoe
The Devil Tarot Card - Poki Challenge

I suck at life. I suck at this OTL. This is actually a redo because the first one was a no BT. //sobsthrowstheoldoneawayyyyyy//


  • Materialism — Ignorance — Stagnation — Self-bondage
  • Lust — Egoism — Obsession — Anxiety — Anger
  • Hedonism — Passion — Instincts — Racist
  • Sexuality — Temptation — Doubt — Vice
  • Futility — Physical attraction — Pessimism — Insight

- Taken from…

While The Devil Tarot isn't something to be seen as evil or as an evil person, alot of those characteristics - not all but a good majority - is truly what torments Sosei. He keeps a secret locked up inside, and it's a race to see which will destroy him: his secret or his obsession?

Doesn't make sense? Whoops B'D tothosewhoknowhat'swhat:iconfistbumpplz: //kicked

ANYWAYS, here it is. I'm actually proud how it came out. And huge thanks to my bby :iconkuraihane: She's such a babe

..Sosei Isha ... by CrowMoe

Pen/Marker Challenge aka Skipping on HW by CrowMoe
Pen/Marker Challenge aka Skipping on HW

So :iconmadorin: that sweet adorable pain inducing person that she is decided to tag me in this. //sawbs// People use ctrl + v on their tablets while I go through erasers like no bodies's business :icontearplz: This was a fast thing which is why there is SO MANY MISSPELLINGS ALSKFJALSFJASLDF //so embarrassed XU//

Madorin posing as a french girl and a tortured bunny because when I started this I was in a happy moods and when I finished this I was not B'D

I is tagging those who can spell better than me

Jollymushroom Cause she can totes spell better than me
Trix-ster So can she
KingMiyo Iwannaseehiscutenessonpapersawbs
kuraihane Cause my baby needs some loves

Of course ya'll don't have to do this I'm high off of cappy blasts and donuts so I was being tag happy :iconpapmingplz: Gomen

MC New Year Event by CrowMoe
MC New Year Event

For [EVENT] New Year Event Jericho didn't really bothered himself with going out to find a date. Instead, he went instead with Sharon and his mentor Zhang. He probably didn't stay long though, after he found the open bar and raided the booze.

M-C: New Year Event by yuki-bushido

MC: Jericho Croan by CrowMoe
PokeGlitch -  NPC You May Call Him Bane by CrowMoe
PokeGlitch - NPC You May Call Him Bane



Name: Dayenu “Bane” Alenko; Refers to and will answer to “Bane”. Only his superiors are allowed to refer to him by his birth name.


Gender: Male


Age: 32


Species: Electivire Electivire by CreepyJellyfish :iconelectrictypeplz:


Ability: Motor Drive – Boosts the Speed stat when it's hit by an Electric-type move.


Level: 1


Birth Date: February 14th


Height: 6’8ft/208 cm


Weight: 268lbs/122kg


Job: Offense Unit > External Defense


Rank: Private


District: Volonta


Alignment N/A




:iconelectrictypeplz: Discharge


:iconwatertypeplz: Rain Dance




-Exploring outside the Dome and the dangers of it

-Reading after a mission



-His past relations

-Being in Debt/Paying his debts

-Having his Mask off



Bane has a stoic persona, always observant of his surroundings and the people around him. Having been betrayed once in his life, he does not take too kindly to newcomers and will be unwelcoming. But once he has established that you can be trusted, a quiet individual awaits your company.


In Battle: Gone is the stoic persona and replaced with a vicious one. Bane always goes for the kill but in the most effective manner. He has even gone as far as to time his kills, keeping record of his fastest ones and is always trying to overpass the recent one. He seeks no praise or glory, only the job done to his satisfaction.



Poverty. Helplessness. False hope. Bane was born as Dayenu Alenko, to parents struggling to make a living in the slums of the district. The boy was known as being ‘too aware’, meaning that he never accepted things as the way of life and wanted to better himself. He became angry at his parents’ behavior, the way that they took things in stride and never tried to be anything better. Dayenu did love the people that gave him life, but he couldn’t stop his mind from thinking about other things, of wanting something better, of needing a purpose that involved more than just finding a stable income and finding a wife. Not even his extended family could tame the fire in his heart, not even the two young girl cousins whose faces he vaguely remembered now. Later, he would recognize this emotion as ambition, but for now, it tortured him.


When he was searching for a job, Bane stumbled across recruiters for the Volonta Domes. The age required had to be ten, so Bane had to wait for a whole year before he tried his hand on joining the militaristic society. He left without a word to his parents, feeling that if he said good bye to them, they will indirectly force him to stay with their acceptance. Such a thing would have infuriated him and he wanted the last memories of them to be good.


Enlisting had been easy. Staying in the Volonta army, however, was the toughest thing that he had ever experienced in his short life. But despite its frustrations, toughness, and near death experiences, it was the most straightforward life that Bane ever lived. No more did he had to grin and bear it or shrug and decide it was just how life was. No, now he had the choice of accepting it or fighting to make a change. All he had to do is follow orders of his superiors, do his job to the letter, and wait for promotion. Even if promotion never came, Bane is happy to have the thrill of finally being alive.


Additional Information:

-Is the cousin of Chispa Poke-Glitch App: Chispa Alenko by nooniepup and Jayde. Poke-Glitch App - Jayde Alenko by VintaBox He does not know that they are still alive or that they are now of the Arcobaleno district.

-Was once good companions with the Arcanine Samael Glitch: Samael Taggart by yuki-bushido  However, a dispute between the two caused a rift and the disfigurement of Bane’s face. The two has not spoken since and Bane always keeps a wire ready for his old friend’s neck.

-Fighting Style: Bane fights with a style that combines weapons with his own natural ability to mold electricity. By using wires that connect to the tips of his fingers, he surrounds an enemy to trap them, finishing them with a full voltage of the 20,000 volts he can create. The wires are thin and when thrown with enough momentum, can slice. However, Bane prefers quick kills and only really using this cutting ability on opponents that need to be slowed down by blood loss.

-Bane adores cats and has a weakness towards shinx. However, he cannot keep one with his perilous lifestyle, and should he pass, he has no friend or family to take care of the animal.

-Bane only takes off the mask when he is in his quarters and totally alone. While he doesn’t mind scarring, the fact that he received the scars in a dishonorable fashion is much to be ashamed of.

-Has met Suimire PokeGlitch - Neutral -Suimire Fremont by CrowMoe once during a passing visit to her shop and is the possible reason to her fear of electric types. 

We've met with a terrible fate... by CrowMoe
We've met with a terrible fate...

"...haven't we?"

With their own identifiable darkness, and their own shadows of shame, they continue to miss the others mark, the other's guidance. Mistakes are made, words better left unsaid are uttered, until finally the fragile peace is shattered. There can only be one.

There can only be one mad dragon.


Another collab between myself and :icondingyding: She did the wonderful lines and I went ahead and ruined them with this sloppy coloring. Oh and the crappy little excerpt too B) //sawbsdingyoudeservebetter//

Theme song:…

App: ..Sosei Isha ... by CrowMoe

Charas: Masato Shingetsu by CrowMoe *to be updated* + Pokimono Zen by DingDingy *needs to stop growing up*


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