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Secret Santa Journal 2014

Fri Nov 21, 2014, 6:03 PM

Gonna put them all of them together.

Before I start, I want to say thank you to my Santa, for spending the time and effort in getting my silly requests done. I hope you have fun with these and thank you once again.

For : :iconseafighters-alliance:

SFA + Matteo Giovanni by CrowMoe
Gonna give three options to make it easier for my Santa to choose:

-Matteo enjoying a quiet night on the deck. He can be in formal attire or laid back. Whatever you choose is fine with me. In fact, surprise me!
-Matteo and your character interacting. They can be anywhere and even of different crews (which I assume it already is XD). They don't have to reveal their identities and can be passing people on the street who caught the other's eye. 
-Matteo interacting with cranes and herons. Just because XD

For :iconpokimono:
..Sosei Isha ... by CrowMoe ..Howl .. by CrowMoe .. Haruno ... by CrowMoe
Same as above, three options: 

-Sosei recently got a Hydreigon as a sort of guard dog, so have Howl and it having a territorial stare down with Sosei staring unamused in the background. 
-Haruno loves festivals, so why not her and your OC have fun?
-Sosei in a cold, snowy night. I would prefer if you dressed him up in Chinese garb, but whatever you think of is ok. But he has to look moody though XD. No happy Christmas for this bunny :iconpapcryplz:

For :iconpokegijinkaacademy: 
..+ Allen Blutbad +.. by CrowMoe
Same as above, three options:

-Allen loves the cold, so it's not uncommon to find him 'accidentally' lost in the snow. You can have your OC chance upon him or alone. 
-Allen and Huntail chilling in the water together. Can be inside or outside in the friggin' cold. Also how many Huntails are up to you. 
-Your OC and Allen chance upon mistletoe. Is your OC gonna go for it or...? XD Sorry, that was lame.

Will be updated if I decide to join more.

PokemonResort: Yoh by CrowMoe
PokemonResort: Yoh



[General Identification]

Name: Yoh Shimura

Nicknames: None atm

Gender: Male

Age: 22

D.O.B.: August 23

Height/Weight: 6’2 ft/ 190 cm| 210 lbs/ 95 kg

Occupation: Bartender at the Casino

Species: Talonflame #663

Type: :iconfiretypeplz:/:iconflyingtypeplz:


-Flame Charge

-Brave Bird


-Natural Gift


[Personal Information]

Nature: Lonely

Charateristics: Proud of its power









-Cannot take a joke

-Easily Offended





Yoh lived modestly in a house of five. With two parents who couldn't be more different, it was hard to be himself when one thing that he would do would upset the other parent while making the other proud and vice versa. So Yoh grew withdrawn and a bit of an introvert, who has more fun playing with his action toys than with the kids in the neighborhood. His mother, who was the opposite of him, so charming and bubbly and outgoing, arranged for a playmate for her son, a glameow girl who happened to live next door. For a while, Yoh was terrified of the girl because he read stories where the cat ate the bird, and with Cecile's clingy nature, she used to scare him that she was going to eat him. But during the scare their family had when his mother was in her second pregnancy with his soon to be twin brothers, Cecile proved to be a constant support, something he was grateful for ever since. When Cecile expressed a desire to get a new start at a place called Pokemon Resort, Yoh followed close behind, in order to protect the too hyper cat girl from making trouble and to perhaps tell her a secret of his.



-The warmth of a sun

-Honest People

-His Days Off

-Spending time with his childhood friend




-Loud People


-Getting skipped on a tip

-Avoiding situations that he considers importance

-Angry Drunks


-He remembers everything he hears, which comes in handy when he takes multiple drink orders

-Has a high tolerance for alcohol

-Can sense when the rain is coming (his wings feel achy)



-He can’t give a convincing smile

-Can’t take compliments well, which makes him blush in embarrassment, and because he’s embarrassed he tends to throw a fit about it.

-Cannot lie, even when the situation calls for it. Has made enemies as a result.


 [Relationship Information:]

Orientation: Heterosexual

Status: Single/Complicated

Significant Other: N/A

Current Attraction: Secret

Interests: Kind, outgoing in order to make up for his brutish self, and a great smile.

Family: A talonflame father, a swanna mother, and two younger ducklett brothers who are twins.

:bulletpurple: Hatsuharu Shimura: Father
:bulletpurple: Kagura Shimura: Mother
:bulletpurple: Shin and Rin Shimura: Twin brothers

:bulletgreen:Cecile: PR - Cecile by Lumikoi best friend


Additional Info:

-Wears his sunglasses everywhere, even inside.
-Does not like to be touched. Cecile is the only exception. 
-Calls his mother at least once a week for a report on their well being. 
-Can be a sadist if you flip his switch don'tflipitpls

Cause the World might do me in by CrowMoe
Cause the World might do me in

For the Costume and Black Light Party event, thoughtheanimatedvideojustcameoutfourdaysago. Yeah, Allen was hard to figure out a costume for causeallmycharactersaregrumps. Still I like this one though and wish I had a better quality photo :iconpapcryplz: :iconsoemotionalplz:

..+ Allen Blutbad +.. by CrowMoe
MC Halloween Event by CrowMoe
MC Halloween Event

For the part two of the Halloween Event. It took a long time figuring out what to dress Jericho as (despite the obvious of course), but bro suggested Hellboy and goddamn it I had to. I'm posting both the sketch and the colored versions cause I couldn't decide which one was better :iconpapmingplz:

Also, being the grouch that he is, Jericho probably will crash any costume party, take his fill of booze and food, and leave for a smoke. Or if Sharon managed to convince him to go to one, he'll sneak out to have a smoke in the back. 

MC: Jericho Croan by CrowMoe
Creatures of the Deep by CrowMoe
Creatures of the Deep

For the Ghosts invading everything event, Allen gets cornered by a bunch of Frillish and Jellicent... only to find out that they have some stuff in common. Sorry for the sketchiness. School is killing me OTL

..+ Allen Blutbad +.. by CrowMoe


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